Plasma Extractor

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We are renowned amongst the prominent manufacturers of a wide range of Plasma Extractor. These are designed to separate blood components automatically from the blood bag. Plasma Extractor are extractors have spring-loaded front panel that exerts pressure on the collection container leading the entire fluid to transfer and the process continues till container is emptied or clamped off. Plasma Extractor are the front panel exerts pressure on the collection container causing the fluid to transfer until container is clamped off or emptied. Plasma Extractor is blood components from collection containers.

Plasma Extractor are the spring loaded front panel exerts pressure. Plasma Extractor are the main bag is to be placed between the fixed plate and movable transparent plate where the power spring load provides pressure to transfer the fluid designated bag(s). Plasma Extractor are Its sturdy construction makes it durable and reliable, easy to use and portable. The unit is available in both versions automatic and manual. Plasma Extractor is to use Easy.

Features of Plasma Extractor -:
  • Stainless steel casing is rust free and easy to clean.
  • Durable and reliable - Sturdy construction
  • Power spring for consistent fluid flow.
  • Compatible to all makes of Blood Bags.