Twin Balance Scale

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We are engaged in to manufacture supplying and exporting of Twin Balance Scale. These are study reviews international evidence on the hypothesis, finding some support for it. However, the link observed between fiscal and current account deficits is too weak to support the view that deficit reductions in the United States .Twin Balance Scale can play a major role in correcting the nation's current account imbalance with the rest of the world. Twin Balance Scale is adding the small end and big end numbers they don't always match the weight of the rod itself. You usually fudge these big end and small end numbers by taking the difference and applying 1/3 to the "small end" and 2/3 to the "big end".

Twin Balance Scale is the are the auto shut-off feature saves battery power. Portable, lightweight design for convenience and mobility. Twin Balance Scale is ABS plastic case has top plate cover to protect platform from damage and shield it from wind. Comes with a multilingual instruction manual. Twin Balance Scale is a great scale for measuring bulk items. Twin Balance Scale are greatly admired and appreciated by our clients for its sturdy construction, durability and easy to operate features.

Salient Features of Twin Balance Scale --:

  • Microcontroller based program
  • LCD display 16X2With backlit (Blue).
  • Individual Tara (Zero) key for Both Weight.
  • Display Volume & Weight both same times.
  • Two Pans, ABS molding body.
  • Conversion of ml & gm.
  • Auto Calibration with External standards weight.
  • Audio and Video Alarm of Equal Weight.